Based on the Harry Potter sport of the same name, quidditch was officially created in 2005 and has grown to hundreds of teams worldwide. I played for 4 years at Franklin & Marshall College where I attended 2 World Cups and organized multiple tournaments. Then I played at University of Nottingham where I lead the Nightmares to third place in Europe as a captain and coach.

     As a sport, it’s often described as a mix of dodge-ball and rugby, a full contact sport welcoming players of all genders and athletic backgrounds. Since the sport is so new, being in a leadership position is a bit different from in other sports. A new set of rules is released every year and tactics evolve on a similar timescale. Managing these rapid changes and gaining acceptance from school administration requires out of the box thinking and a high level of bureaucratic management skills.



     I enjoy playing video games, board games, and tabletop role playing games. I find this a great way to socialize with friends, even over large distances. Tabletop gaming gives me a great outlet for creative endeavors: drawing maps and object, making miniatures, creating and solving puzzles, and even making 3D rendered videos to supplement the game.

Focus Beithe

Christmas Lights

     In the spring and summer I spend a lot of time working in the yard, tending flowers and vegetables, laying bricks, and generally tending the yard. When Christmas time comes around, then it’s time for the real work. About 7 or 8 years ago, I started taking Christmas decorations more seriously and have since been featured on the news and received countless complements on our many thousand of lights, all of which are now LED bulbs.



     From a young age, I’ve enjoyed tinkering with electronics, eventually leading to an engineering degree. Naturally, I enjoy building, modding, and overclocking computers.



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