Recent Work


For my Sustainable Energy Engineering MSc thesis, I made a publication quality app for assisting in the installation of photovoltaic panels and solar water heating panels. It also assists in performing the initial site surveying. For more details, see the Helios page.

Visual Design for Scientists

During Spring 2014, I took a class entitled “Visual Design for Scientists.” In this class I improved my ability to create presentations in various media including interviews, videos, and slideshows. Here are two animations I made that demonstrate the optical component called an Etalon.

I animated the following video using Blender testing its physics engine.

I also designed the following poster as part of the class.


Los Alamos Geophysics


Solid Earth Geophysics (EES – 17)

Mentor: Dr. Howard Patton

  • Work was featured in Dr. Howard Patton’s presentation at the 2013 Fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union. The presentation was titled “Testing Equivalent Elastodynamic Models for Explosion-Induced, Late-Time Rock Damage with Close-In Recordings of Rg Waves.”
  • Used known earth models to simulate seismograms produced from underground nuclear explosions at the former Soviet Balapan test site.
  • Found agreement between MRg magnitude measurements of my synthetic data and published results based on recorded data. Also expanded from the published results to include phase characteristics of the data.
  • Used recorded nuclear explosion data from the former Soviet Degelen test site to revise a published earth structure model and the locations of various tests while measuring the dispersion curves of the testing area.
  • Used these dispersion curves to calculate the source spectra of the explosion source.
  • Learned Seismic Analysis Code and Unix c-shell scripting in order to perform this analysis.

Franklin & Marshall Hackman Scholar

My Summer 2012 research involved using a sol-gel based method to synthesize and spin coat titania thin films. I then characterized the films through electrical measurements, scanning electron microscopy, and x-ray diffraction.

More information about my research can be found in my CV.


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