Volunteer Work

Speech & Debate

     In high school, I competed in student congress, original oratory, and extemporaneous speaking. I reached state and national levels of competition and learned a lot about confidence, presentation, and communication. Since I graduated in 2010 I help coach my high school’s team and judge at tournaments whenever I have the chance.

Dump ‘N’ Run

     In my sophomore year at F&M, I inquired about an event I heard about the year before, Dump ‘N’ Run. I learned that the students running the even had graduated and new leadership was needed, so I ended up running in for two years and then being heavily involved in my last year at F&M. It is a charity/environmental event held at the end of the spring semester that collects used goods for students and resells them in a large garage sale. Proceeds go to a local women’s shelter, and remaining items are donated to Goodwill. This keeps quality items out of landfills and raises money for a local cause.

Planning for the May event starts in January as donation boxes are obtained, collection points established, marketing planned, and volunteers recruited. When finals week rolls around, volunteers spend every minute when they aren’t studying or testing collecting donations from across campus and organizing the items. Finally, in the weekend after finals, the sale is held. Each year I was involved we raised over $1,100 and diverted hundreds of cubic feet of items from landfill.

Just a few of the tables from the sale.

Just one of the tables from the sale.

Haunted Library

     When I was in high school, I spent my Octobers pouring countless hours into the Back Mountain Haunted Library. It was a fundraising event that would turn the library into a haunted house for two weekends and raised a significant portion of the library’s discretionary budget for the year. In my senior year I designed two rooms for the last and biggest year the event was held. It’s an experience I treasure and miss every Halloween season.


     I’ve been involved in other service events over the years. In high school, I earned the American Legion award for community service for my impact on the local and school community. In college and graduate school I didn’t have time for a lot of service (other than massive project Dump ‘N’ Run), but I was involved in multiple United Way Days of Caring and helped to organize kidditch events, which encourage physical activity for young children. I studied and am seeking a career in sustainable energy, because I feel like it is how I can make the largest impact on one of humanity’s biggest problems.


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